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"One generation plants the tree, another gets the shade." Chinese Proverb
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All these projects seen below have been designed and installed by our staff in the past 18 years
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Autumn Red Paver Entrance 2014

Olde Quarry Patio w/pegola & pillars

"Canyon Blend"

"Sierra Blend" Front Entry

Estate Seat Wall
w/Basalt Stone Fountain

Patio w/fire pit

Courtyard w/seatwall

Patio with Pergola & Fountain

Brussels Premier
Driveway 2016

Patio w/ fire pit


Rivenstone Patio

"click to see before photo"

OGC "Sierra" Patio w/Copthorne Accent
Fire Pit 2016 Project

Paver Courtyard

Boulder Wall

2014 Front Paver Walk

Backyard Garden wall
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before photo"

2013 Natural Stone Project

Estate wall
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before photo"

Brussels Block radial patio
"Prairie" blend

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before photo"

2013 Project
Brussels Block
"New York" Blend
w/ Copthorne accent
"click to see before

Fall retreat

Sierra Blend Patio
with recycled
"street brick" in-lay

2012 Project
OGC Front Walk

Brussels Block Prairie Blend Patio & Hollandstone Premier Border
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before photo"

Fire Pit w/fragrant lilacs

Natural stone drywall

Ledgestone Steps
In-lay "click to see
before photo"

Front paver entrance

Olde Greenwich Cobble Patio
w/ Richcliff Accent - 2014 Project

Radial Paver Entrance

Front Paver Entrance w/Bulbs

2015 Paver Garage Apron
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before photo"

Radial Paver Patio

OGC Paver Patio 2016

2016 Renovation After

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2014 Brussels Block "Prairie" blend w/ Pisa II Seat Wall.

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2013 Project
Rivenstone "canyon"
front entry walk

Natural Stone Wall & Steps

Rivenstone Courtyard

Serpentine Walls

2015 Brussels Block "Prairie"blend
w/ Holland Premier Border.
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Natural Flagstone

Prairie Pool Patio

Courtstone Driveway 2015

2013 Project
Outcropping Stone

Olde Quarry Seatwall
& Fire Pit Area Richcliff Accent

Bluestone w/border

2013 Outcropping Accents

Olde Quarry Round Step w/ Copthorne in-lay