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Deer Resistance
   Please use this list as a reference for plants
which show a higher resistance to deer feeding. 

Please note: hungry
deer might feed on the plants listed below if they have no other options.
Plant Type: Plant species:
Trees Maple, Birch, Red bud, Ginkgo, Ash, Hemlock, Locust, Beech, Larch, Magnolia, Tupelo, Oak, Willow, Linden,
Tree lilac & Spruce
Shrubs Barberry, Boxwood, Cotoneaster, Forsythia, Witchhazel, Hydrangea, Holly, Juniper, Kerria, Potentilla, Quince, Spirea, Lilac, Viburnum & Weigela
Perennial Flowers Aruncus, Astilbe, Achillea, Alchemilla, Aneome, Aquilega, Artemisia, Asclepias, Aruncus, Bergenia, Campanula, Cimicifuga, convallaria, Coreopsis, delphinium, dianthus, dicentra, echinacea, echinops, epimedium, ferns, geranium, helleborus, hibiscus,iris, lamium, ligularia, liriope, monarda, nepata, paeonia, perovskia, phlox, pulmonaria, rudbeckia, salvia, sedum, stachys, thymus,tiarella, trillium & veronica.
Groundcover Ajuga, European Ginger, lamium, Lily of the valley, mosses, pachysandra, vinca, violet, sweet woodruff

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