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Attracting Butterflies to Your Landscape
Painted Lady Some General Desirable Ornamental Landscape Plants
that are known to attract copious butterflies:
Aruncus (a.k.a. Goatsbeard) Baptisia Coreopsis
Aster Echinops (a.k.a. Globe Thistle) Lilium
Asclepias (a.k.a. Butterfly Weed)
Illinois Native Plant
Eupatorium (a.k.a. Joe Pye Weed) Nepeta
Budddleia (a.k.a. Butterfly Bush) Liatris (a.k.a Gayfeather or Blazingstar) Phlox
Hemerocallis (a.k.a. Daylily) Monarda (a.k.a. Bee balm) Chrysanthemum
Echinacea (a.k.a. Coneflower)
Illinois Native Plant
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail



Rudbeckia (a.k.a Blackeyed Susan)


  Fragrant Viburnum  
Sedum Quercus (a.k.a. Oak ) Veronica

Please note this just a sampling of plants that can be used in Northern Illinois to attract butterflies.
If you know of a good plant that attracts song birds, please feel free to email your idea.

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